kick cancer ass | cancer eviction notice | cat alexandra | under the hat with cat | alexandra marketing groupThis blog post will be a bit different from my usual messages to you, I’m coming from a very personal perspective today…

I just got the news this week that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I have been getting tests done and spending as much time as possible with my loved ones.

I wanted to reach out and let all of you amazing people know of my status at this time.

I’m still figuring out to what extent this cancer has invaded, but should have more clarity on this over the next week as I’m getting more of my test results back.

…basically I’m busy Kicking Cancer’s ASS!

I am doing everything I can right now to take care of “Cat” and to make sure that my body is a healthy as possible.

cancer eviction, kick cancer's ass, catherine alexandra, alexandra marketing group, under the hat with cat

I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you who read this blog!

You mean so much to me and I wanted to make sure you knew what I’m dealing with right now as I’m in the process of evicting “the big C” from my life!

I don’t want you to worry about me at all!

I have been giving some thought to my inner life over the past few days and will keep you updated as I’m kicking cancer out of my life!

I wanted to let you know that I all ready see myself as having kicked this intruder out completely…

And I thank each and every one of you who will meditate on this and send me positive energy! I love you all!

Many of you are used to reaching out to me on Skype or Facebook, but I will probably not be on those too much for right now. If you’d like to send me any messages, please feel free to comment here on my blog or twitter (@catherinealexa) – those will probably get to me quickest and be easiest for me to reply to.

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We’ve cracked the code on virtually GUARANTEED commissions and are proud to present the Ultimate Co-Op Strategy!

If  you’ve been searching for real information about Banners Broker to see if it works or if it’s a scam, you landed in the right place.

The 1st thing I want to cover is the Banners Broker Scam issues- there is no Banners Broker scam…

I chose to start Banners Broker because it was an element of a massive Co-Op campaign for Empower Network. I’ve found it to be a completely legitimate advertising method as well as a great way to earn money online even if you’re not a techy person.

Quite simply, Banners Broker just plain works…

I believe I’ll be a faithful Banners Broker user for a long, long time.

This is the 2nd Segment of Virtutally GUARANTEED Commission Cache – if you missed the 1st piece, click here

So, what does Banners Broker really do??

Banners Broker Review | who is Catherine Alexandra | Alexandra Marketing Group

As a Banners Broker Advertiser, Banners Broker shares banners (“impressions”) on their massive publisher network.

You’re able to “broker” ad space (basically like subletting it) to advertisers who want to display impressions as a form of advertisement. (This part of Banners Broker is completely turnkey and requires only a few minutes to set up so that you can begin making money from day 1!)

You get the best of both worlds when you become an “Ad-Pub Combo member.” It lets you Advertise and Publish on the massive network while paying you twice the original cost of the ad space.

Truthfully, I expected that to be a “too good to be true” kind of offering, but was refreshed to see how simple it all is!

Banners Broker does the work for you. 

All I did was set up my profile and BAM, I started making money right away!

I think that Banners Broker offers an ideal way to start making money online right away, even if you don’t own a website of your own or have tech-skills.

Why should you use Banners Broker for Advertising?

Banners Broker Review | who is Catherine Alexandra | Alexandra Marketing GroupCompanies are spending BILLIONS of dollars to advertise these days.

Have a look at Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and the rest of them…They make gobs of money by offering pay-per-click advertising.

Banners Broker does the same thing, but the difference is that Banners Broker pays you a portion of the advertising money! 

Yes, you actually earn 200% your initial advertising costs!

In addition to the huge earning potential, you also get your products and services seen on a responsive network…it only takes a few mouse-clicks to set it up!

How do I use Banners Broker?

This part is really easy. Here’s how Banners Broker works:

1.  Banners Broker pays for ad space on different websites

2.  Banners Broker auctions off the ad space to advertisers and the winner gets to advertise in the space via “impressions.” (Impressions, again, are what site viewers see when they’re visiting a site and there is a visible banner ad on the page.)

3.  The Banners Broker customer becomes a Publisher who can also earn revenue which is based on ad inventory.

4.  If you want to advertise, all you need to do is upload your banner (or just use Banners Broker banners), hone in on your target market (you can advertise globally or zero it down to a specific location). BAM, Banners Broker does the rest! Your banners get features on websites and drive traffic to your website!

It’s just that simple with Banners Broker…

I love that you can advertise multiple businesses or services at the same time on Banners Broker!

Banners Broker Options – 7 Ways to Start up

banners broker scam | Banners Broker Review | who is Catherine Alexandra | Alexandra Marketing GroupThere are 7 different ways you can get started with Banners Broker.

Joining Banners Broker is 100% free. They also give you 1,000 free impressions just for joining.

You can start as a free member or you can choose any of 6 options depicted you see on your left side

There’s a price point for any budget. You will see different amounts of impressions and also profits, based on which package you go with. (depicted in the Ad-Pub Combo photo). All packages  are inclusive of the $15 Admin fee.

banners broker strategies | banners broker review | banners broker scam

2 Biggest Marketing Problems SOLVED by Banners Broker 

  1. Finding viable advertising with minimal time spent sorting out details
  2. Earning an ROI (return-on-investment) so you can stay in business! 
I’ve personally tried several different banner exchanges and ad sources and it’s my position that Banners Broker is the easiest to use and make money with! 
When you use Banners Broker, you begin making money just the same way that Google and Facebook do…except you don’t have to haggle over the details and negotiate the deals to make it happen because Banners Broker did that all for you!
Click here if you want to learn more about Banners Broker and start earning money! - Our Team is offering additional strategies to those who are participating with us…we are using our strategy to dominate Empower Network. For more details, join me here and then shoot me a message with “I’m in!! – Banners Broker” in the subject line.

Get started with Banners Broker for free and claim your 1,000 free banner impressions just for signing up! Remember that there is no requirement for you to stay an active member, nor are you required to sponsor anyone! (That’s one of the glaring differences with Banners Broker from other “make money from home” things you will see. You will never have to enroll people to earn money with Banners Broker, but if you do you will just earn more!)

So, try Banners Broker right now and start earning income today!

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Woohoo, my primary blog, was just nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

sisterhood blogger award | Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award | Alexandra Marketing Group | who is Catherine Alexandra | catherine-alexandra.comI am so honoured to announce that my main blog,, was just nominated for the prestigious Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award” by my friends and fellow bloggers, Sylviane Nuccio & Viola Tam!

If you haven’t yet met Sylviane or Viola, you should! – Check out Sylviane’s blog here & Viola’s bloghere.

Sylviane is a professional freelance writer, internet marketer, and a life coach! Sylviane is a well-traveled and seasoned individual who has done everything from jetsetting, to starring in off-Broadway performances, to helping others with strategic writing for their businesses, to helping people achieve optimized results in their lives!

I am doubly-blessed and honoured for having Sylviane’s endorsement and nomination for this wonderful award and my greatest thanks goes to her!

Ms Tam is a newcomer to the blogging community who is a mover & shaker!

I’m so honoured that Viola felt my blog should be nominated for this award. I send my sincerest gratitude to her for that!

Now, here’s how it works…

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award Rules

  1. Recipients need to thank the giver
  2. Post 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass the award onto 7  other bloggers of your choice and let them know they’ve been nominated
  4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog So here I go…

7 Things About Me

  1. I’m turning 15 years old as a network marketer next month (August 2012).
  2. Network marketing paid for my college tuition and allowed me to get a good start in the professional world of business.
  3. My background is in private equity banking and financial consulting.
  4. I am a misplaced musician whose original dream was to be a professional saxophone player.
  5. I am UBER-close with my family; we spend tons of time together and really do get along.
  6. I’m a spiritual person who feels that a balanced and empowered life is only possible when we nurture spirit, mind, & body.
  7. I am of the mindset that we each carry with us a destiny to be fulfilled. I believe that there is more than enough for all of us to thrive in this world of plenty – it is up to US to be serious enough about our own success to master the skillsets required for success! There is always a way!

MY Nominations for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:

I had a very tough decision to make here, especially when I realized that several of my “top picks” were all ready nominated…

But after careful consideration, I came up with a list of 7 outstanding woman bloggers who I would like to introduce here! I’ve sorted these out in alphabetical order, by first name.

  1. Brankica Underwood - Building an Online Business with Brankica
  2. Carol Lynn Rivera - The Marketing Magazine for Smart Businesses
  3. Donna Merrill - Personal Development & Online Marketing…Made Simple
  4. Jamella Smith Biegel - Providing Helpful Tips for Bloggers and Online Marketers
  5. Samantha Bangayan Herrera - What Little Things
  6. Sonia Winland - LogAllot Common Sense Tips
  7. Tanya Aliza - Online Wealth Builder. Entrepreneur. Social Media Marketer. Trainer. World Traveler.

So, go check out these fantastic ladies’ blogs because you will, no doubt, learn something valuable!

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We have officiall cracked the code  virtually GUARANTEED commissions…

And we’re proud to present the Ultimate Co-Op Strategy!

Empower Network co-op | guaranteed commission | banners broker co-op | work with Kris Darty | work with Catherine Alexandra | Alexandra Marketing groupTired of spinning your wheels…?

Tired of throwing money down an endless pit looking for “what works?”

I have some NEWS for ya!

We’ve uncovered a traffic AND commission source that is so powerful you will never run out of money for running and advertising your business! (It’s a ONE-TWO punch)

I want you to get major leverage we’re getting, so here’s the gameplan…

Kris Darty, my Empower Network partner, did a presentation of the plan and how we are going to execute!

Click on the video below.  

GUARANTEED COMMISSIONS STEP 1: Watch Kris Darty’s training on how to create Profitable Traffic Centers

We will soon DOMINATE Empower Network with this simple strategy with this “Ultimate Co-Op.”

GUARANTEED COMMISSIONS STEP 2: Set up an Banners Broker account here

Do that now. And then get your teams going, just the same.

GUARANTEED COMMISSIONS STEP 3:  Set up your Banners Broker Profit Portal

  • First, get an active Banners Broker account (You must get it here in order to participate.)
  • Complete the Fast Start setup (you’ve all ready done step 1, so skip that…)
  • To optimize results, be sure you have ALL of the Empower Network products (Upgrade yourself here) – OR - JOIN HERE if you’re new to Empower Network
  • Email me with a subject line of: Let me into the Ultimate Co-Op & I’ll get you included in the Ultimate Co-Op so you can win with us!

If you’re a self-starter and comfortable with minor tech setups AND your account is set up and funded, go to Banners Broker Advertising section to begin using your banner impressions straightaway.

*PLEASE NOTE – If you’re a current Empower Network member using e-Wallet, you’ve got an Allied Wallet all ready

If you don’t have an Allied Wallet, get yourself set up here. It is free.

You can also choose to use Payza (works a lot like PayPal) to fund your Banners Broker account. Get a free Payza account here.

CONGRATS! Welcome to your Profit Center and GUARANTEED Commission Cache!

Now you can FUND your marketing AND drive traffic to your business(es) and/or Empower Network!

Make sure you Email me with a subject line of: Let me into the Ultimate Co-Op because we’ll be doing ongoing private team training on a regular basis via our team Facebook group.

REMEMBER: “It’s Impossible Not To Make Money With This” 

make money with empower network | who is catherine alexandra | alexandra marketing group | work with kris darty | guaranteed commission | banners broker reviewAnd this is a limited time offer…
We were only going to share this with 100 people but kept the doors open so others who are looking for a way to crank on the commission spigot could participate.
Right now, we’re just under 200 participants so I’m not sure how much longer we’ll hold the door open on this…
So…if you want a chance to work with top earners of Empower Network (both Kris and I are in the TOP 100 earners in Empower Network), you need to get in right away.
We’re working directly with a small group of people to tap an endless well of leads and provide a virtually guaranteed income.
That’s as good as it gets, people.
So if you’re interested in developing a profitable business beginning Day One, get in now. 

I’m looking forward to your email and helping you and your business grow!!

Stay tuned for the 2nd segment which is coming in the next blog post, where I will uncover the nuances of how Banners Broker works…

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Exclusive CPA Offer MyPC Backup Review | A CloudZow Killer

by Cat Alexandra (hey, that’s ME!)

MyPCBackup EZ Money Method|Exclusive CPA Offer MyPCBackup ReviewDid MyPC Backup live up to the HYPE??

I will admit that I had my blinders on when this little gem went flying across my desk.

I only got into it because someone I REALLY respect a lot cared about me enough to not let me goof up by missing out. Thanks Ed from Ohio!! (This is Ed’s site here, go check him out and tell him I sent ya!)

I didn’t really pay much attention to this at first because I have been using CloudZow. You can see my review of CloudZow here(I personally stopped using CloudZow because it was missing backups and just didn’t pay as well as MyPC Backup!!)

I kind of flipped out when I actually paid attention to the video where Ed explained how MyPC Backup actually worked and how easy it is to make money that can then be put right back into your business for marketing!

Now THAT is nifty!!

(Click here to see how MyPC Backup works!)

You can literally use this tool (one that EVERYONE with a computer needs) to help you grow your business no matter what you’re promoting! I have seen people using this to promote Empower NetworkSeacret Direct, ZNZ, Visalus…you name it!

So now that I “get it” I have decided to share it with others because it’s really neat and it’s just too easy to protect your precious data and also earn some excellent affiliate commissions.

MyPC Backup Overview

MyPC Backup’s offer is simple – it’s a secure online computer backup service, much like Carbonite.

MyPC Backup is quick, efficient, and there’s no techy-stuff to fuss over. I love that it is user-friendly for our tech-challenged friends!

It’s a wonderful thing to not have to worry about losing your private files and precious keepsakes like family photos, videos, music, and emails.

How to earn money with MyPC Backup

Our team on MyPC Backup has worked out an incredible commission structure with MyPC Backup! It’s all very simple…

1.) Make a sale on the $6 backup service and you earn $150!

2.) Get paid by check or PayPal – you choose!

*Ordinarily MyPC Backup pays $120 commissions on the sale, but if you get on our team, you will actually earn $150!

EZ Money Method|Exclusive CPA Offer MyPC Backup Review

How MyPC Backup is unique from other backup services:

  • Your backup happens seamlessly from your PC to the web and it happens FREE
  • Access your files anytime or anywhere by simply logging into your account
  • PRICE! Just look at how much Dropbox charges for unlimited backup!
  • 100% automated backup
  • Unlimited storage that is inexpensive
  • Encrypted and secure data like the CIA & global banks
  • Fast sync with multiple PC computers
  • No techy skillsets needed! My 80-year old tech-challenged friend said it was a BREEZE!

How to market MyPC Backup!

Marketing MyPC Backup is a cinch! When you join here, you will get a free lead capture site with autoresponder. You can simply share your lead capture site with your contacts to get started fast.

MyPC Backup Review

There are some beautiful banners like the one you see above, which are offered by the company. You can put these up on a banner exchange or show them off on your WordPress or Empower Network blog like I have. – OR – Share it on an ad space liske Backpage or Craigslist.

YouTube gets a ton of traffic, so you could do well by making a video of yourself endorsing MyPC Backup (kinda like mine which you see above).

If you’re serious about becoming a consummate marketer, you know that you will need to learn how to get targeted leads to your offers and learn conversion strategies. I use a generic system I use to generate my targeted leads and to convert my offers. Check it out here.

So what about you?? Have you ever lost your files due to a computer crash?? 

What happened to you? How did you recover from it? Tell me about it below!..

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